How to insert a calculated field in Excel

You may not ever need this but if want to know Calculated fields a let you perform calculations with the data in your tables. Calculated fields perform calculations using data within one record.

When you create a calculated field, add a field in which every row contains a calculation involving other numerical fields in that row. To do this, you must enter a mathematical expression, which is made up of field names in your table and mathematical symbols. For instance, you could:

  • Use + to find the sum of the contents of two fields or to add a constant value (such as + 2 or + 5) to a field
  • Use * to multiply the contents of two fields or to multiply fields by a constant value
  • Use - to subtract one field from other or to subtract a constant value from a field

There way to set these calculation fields is to use the Fields tab to access the More fields menu like this:

The select the type of data you need:

Followed by the mathematical expression (if you are new to this best to use the expression builder):

Which give you something like this:

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